Energy Efficient, Healthy Townhomes in Durango, Colorado

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Leveraging leading building science and technology, these townhomes offer an energy efficient and healthy building enclosure for your and your family.

Aspen Pointe Townhomes are all being built to obtain Zero Energy Ready certifications. This highly revered label ensures these home’s ability to maintain top-notch air quality, energy efficiency, water efficiency, and low to non-existent utility bills.

Health-Minded Control Layer Enclosure

Each structure by Sutter Homes is built with six control layers, protecting your home from water, vapor, leaky air flow, thermal escape, and more. These control layers protect your home from everything on the outside and Sutter Homes uses leading building science to ensure optimal building enclosures.

Carbon-Friendly Structure Build

By building with naturally sourced materials like rockwool insulation, these townhomes have a reduced carbon footprint and utilize fewer resources over the building’s lifespan.

Energy Efficient Sealing & Comfort Systems

These positive netting townhomes are so energy efficient that they save you thousands of dollars a year on utilities, plus they are carbon and environmentally friendly. Easy on your health, the environment, and your wallet.

High Quality
Air Filtration

Most homes filter or replace the inside air by opening the windows. Sutter Homes uses technology that exchanges the entire volume of air in your home every 30 minutes. By exhausting the old air and replacing it with filtered, fresh air from outside, you’ll always have pristine air without the toxicities commonly found in people’s homes.

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Annual Cost

With minimal air leakage, solar panels to produce energy, and low operating costs, these healthy townhomes save you money monthly, annually, and over the entire length of your ownership.

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